$778.16 profit in one day shorting these stocks with our signals

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thewallstreetnow, Oct 27, 2021.

What's your outlook on the market for the rest of the week?

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  1. thewallstreetnow

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    Live trading results from today. Wall Street Now Live Trading Results 10-27-2021 Top Picker.jpeg
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  2. Account size? Win rate? Reward/risk ratio? YTD performance? Etc.?

    Not relevant to this thread, but here's a haiku poem that I'm picking at random from a multi-volume set of poetry which I bought at a garage sale many years ago:
    What is in snake oil?
    How well do they sleep at night?
  3. thewallstreetnow

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    These results were sent to us by a member using our service. Their broker is Street Trader (TSTBAH.com) who offers high leverage but we do not know their account size. We do know they are verified live trades with real money.

    thanks for the reply.
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  4. NumberZ


    Needs at least $25,000 as these were all day trades from today.

    Win rate is 71% (5/7) but last position looks like broken into to trades. If so then win rate is 85% (6/7)

    Losing trades = -22.80
    Winning trades = 778.16

    win $34 for every $1 risk.

    YTD performance not available from given information.

    But looks like a solid day, no?
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  5. thewallstreetnow

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    Thanks for the breakdown haha! Yes solid day for him for sure.
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  6. NumberZ


    US Based traders prohibited per the broker website.

    So US based trader needs $25,000 because of rules.
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  7. thewallstreetnow

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    I know Street Trader clients are not subject to the pattern day trading rule but other than that, you give a solid breakdown.
  8. thewallstreetnow

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  9. NumberZ


    20 day free trial sounds like fair way to give someone an idea to see if it is right fit for them.

    Good luck!
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  10. deaddog


    $788.16 in one day. Whoopee shit. I'm sure that 16 cents will make a big difference as you compound that into a billion.

    A number without context is meaningless.
    #10     Oct 27, 2021
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