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  1. I am heavily short delta in long-dated contracts in OTC and listed. I shorted ES 3390 this week but covered at 55. I am short Friday's close in size and establishing large index and SN shorts in vol this coming week.

    Bernie wins the nom and the Presidency (thesis).

    All health insurers will suffer from the perception of relegation to Part B coinsurance underwriters. No, I don't think it happens, but the possibility of a commodity product will kill multiples. PBM and other pharma supply chain as well. Pharma outright. Biotech.

    Short cash from 3330 average throughout the day. I'll update this thread with names and vol-positions going forward. I hate UNH here.
  2. Regarding physicals... I established an FFL to purchase entire allotments of HK SP5s in the distributor channel. I have 28 in storage and counting. Awaiting a 2021 assault weapons ban. Small stuff, but it's worth $2K per unit and retail pricing is the floor.
  3. Sigh... subbed.
  4. Will come in handy if there is a zombie apocalypse due to corona virus too!
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  5. I have a couple select-fire MP5s as well that have seen some range use. Lots of fun.

    I would also be a buyer of high-grade AR lower receivers in quantity. Noveske, Radian, Knight's, LMT, BCM, etc. I bought 20 Radian 1 (partially stripped) lowers this week at $300 per.
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    shiii....-1.2 nasdaq futures already.....


    mods: don't move this to the politics section, it's politics driven, but I wouldn't want this thread ending in that bottomless pit
  7. I see this as 80% Corona and 20% Bernie. Baron will keep it here as it's trading-related.
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    why do you think corona took so long? In my mind we were already tapering off. Sometimes it feels like I overestimate how slow the public/market reacts to some events. Understandable, as people are living their lives
  9. ABC is going to get mutilated. Cigna (Express Scripts) to a lesser extent simply on valuation. I am shorting ABC on any uptick.
  10. The Street was looking at the slowing #s of infected and then Italy and S Korea face-f*cked us.
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