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    Return Of The Drive-In: EV Charging With Food Delivered To Car
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned this, but Electrify America is already cooperating with restaurants to make it happen.

    Posted on EVANNEX on December 04, 2021, by Charles Morris

    Does anyone remember the days when “carhops,” (typically young ladies on roller skates) brought food to your car at drive-in restaurants? The electric vehicle era may just bring that quaint bit of automotive Americana back again.

    Above: A vintage look back at a drive-in restaurant (Source: livinginaretroworld)

    A shopping mall is an ideal spot for a fast charging station, and ordering food from one of the restaurants to eat in your car while you top up your EV battery seems like a natural idea (at least to us Americans).

    That’s just what Electrify America plans to offer at its new charging stations at the Westfield Valley Fair shopping center in Santa Clara, California.

    Above: A look at the new charging station at the Westfield Valley Fair shopping center in Santa Clara, California (Source: Electrify America)

    The location features 14 ultra-fast chargers offering power levels of 150-350 kW. Solar canopies above the chargers provide customers with protection from the elements and reduce electricity draw from the local utility. The solar panels charge a battery energy storage system that can store power when electricity rates are low and feed power to the chargers at peak times.

    EV drivers can order meals from the mall restaurants to be delivered to their cars as they charge—a handy amenity that will be offered across other Westfield locations in the future. Electrify America is planning to open new stations at 17 locations owned by Westfield, an international operator of shopping malls, across 7 US states, by the end of 2022.

    “This premier charging station, with one of our largest offerings of chargers and solar canopy technology, is another step in Electrify America’s journey to provide a seamless and innovative EV charging experience, while also taking measures to reduce the impact on the electrical grid,” said Anthony Lambkin, Senior Director of Operations at Electrify America.
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    Better pay those "barhops" more than minimum wage. More like 30 bux per hour. I mean, it's tough to rollerskate in the winter.

    Oh, and in California, how are you going to charge your EV when you have rolling blackouts because you have so many fires they cause you to shutdown the grid? Fucking stupid.
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    :banghead: Your antics over EVs is like JSOP and China...the predictability is comforting.

    Of course you know that CA's blackouts are not tied to a lack of availability but to antiquated equipment carrying electricity from point A to B and responsible for some of the fires there.

    Europe resolved this at least 20 years ago when power cables where put underground, but even the wealthiest of states can't fund infrastructure modernisation plans because everything was handed to private businesses who see no profit from innovation spending. I can't blame these corporations much either, with, on one side the state controlling their profit margin and, on the other, union labor costs that are probably the highest in the world. Government's way of funneling cash for electoral votes. In the end, everyone is in it for the money and no one gives two shits about efficiency.
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    Dude, the EV carhop thing is just fo fucking stupid it amazes me you have to think twice that it will work.

    And so they have to go back to ICE engine to get anywhere.
    We ain't Europe.
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    And how fucking long do you have to wait to charge your dumb ev at one of those places??? 20 minutes.... longer? Maybe if the pretty women did um something special to help pass time I could see it. Lol

    Or vs I fill up my gasoline powered car in 3 minutes.

    No happy ending for ev drivers : o
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    I get it. In America the transition to EV will be longer than in Europe where deadlines are set and infrastructure developments are in full swing. By 2035, Europe will be a 95% EV market. By the same time in the US, some states will be 75% EV while others will be remain very low, maybe 25%. So be it. But those oil states will be saddled with massive subsidy obligations after oil shipments dwindle, refineries shut down and gas stations fold. Let's just see how many V8s are on the road when gas hits $1 per mile.
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    Good Times at the Charging Station. Invigorating!
    "I Got A Real Charge Out Of It. I kneecapped one of the perps!
    Better than checking the oil, by a mile! Feel like a new man.
    Go EV!"
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    Good Times at the Charging Station. Invigorating!

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