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Have you ever traded with High-Probability Signals?

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  1. thewallstreetnow

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    Tired of getting bad results at trading? We hear you!

    That's why we created Wall Street Now, an online signal platform that gives you:

    1. Daily Trades: When to buy, when to sell. We deliver high-probability trades to keep your losses smaller and your wins bigger. All you have to do is Follow.

    2. Tools to Trade: Get more leverage with Street Trader™ 6X Trading Power. All you have to do is Trade.

    3. Live Trading Rooms: Connect with top traders from across the world, streaming live every day. All you have to do is Connect.
    The best part? You can try it today FOR FREE. Just click the link below and enjoy 20 days on us for free. After that, it's just $20 per month. As easy as that.

    See you at Wall Street Now!
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  2. Why do not you use it in basement and make multi millions? I never sold my signals.
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  3. thewallstreetnow

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    We also trade it. It doesn’t hurt us if we give it out. Watch the videos :)
  4. YOu say:
    High-Probability Trading Signals

    so how is probability measured and what is the definition of "high"?
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  5. thewallstreetnow

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    We usually maintain an average win/loss rate around 50% but our reward/risk is always at least 3:1 or higher which leaves us profitable.

    Most individual traders will have a high win rate but they take big risk and small profits which usually never works out.

    The key is to put the odds in your favor. Just like a casino. The casino patrons are simply gambling because the odds are not in their favor. The casino, however, is not gambling because odds are that over all the bets their patrons make, the casino, at the end of the day will win.

    It’s not enough to ONLY have a high win rate. What matters most in trading is that your account is growing. Putting the odds in our favor does that.
  6. Why not you post signal here for everyone to see. After some time if it works, it is convincing than anything else.
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  7. thewallstreetnow

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    You can try it for 20 days for free :)

    just follow the link below.
  8. deaddog


    Problem is you want my credit card. Nope!!

    But I'm curious, Do you have to log in to get the signals or are they sent out before the market opens?
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  9. thewallstreetnow

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    Your card info is secured through Stripe so it is very safe. And you can turn off or on your auto renew anytime.

    You have to login.

    We are working on building a Telegram bot as well which is also for members.
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    Another signal service?! WTF
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