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    Why do you need a prop firm for futures? Unlike securities accounts, you can get good leverage even with small account.

  3. Is is not because futures firms generally back you as a trader? As in, no deposit required, and they train you in their starts.

    I could be wrong..
  4. it's because retail firms are a pain in the @ss.
  5. Also, access to OTC and other futures contracts not easily found with retail brokers, (probably due to clearing headaches or substantial margin requirements) such as power contracts and the like... possibly another advantage to props vs a retail broker.

    Heck, a few of the discount retail brokers (one that even sponsors this forum) don't even support exchange traded spreads, let alone the more exotic contracts.
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    Futures prop. firms with "click traders" are going extinct. No one is going to train you and you are not going to get hired anywhere unless you have a track record. Again this is with regards to traders who are manually trading.
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