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  1. This thread is to bring together those who practice martial arts or have at one time and want to discuss and exchange info, ideas, experiences etc. Even if just a fan and want to learn more.

    This is not about politics, who is the best martial artist, what is the best style, who can kick who"s ass because then I know you dont really practice martial arts.

    I will go first:

    Grew up on Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies and Bruce Lee.

    Studied Arnis/Escrima (Filipino stick fighting) in early teen years and still work the sticks once in a while.

    Tae Kwon Do in high school (Red Belt only :( )

    Wing Chun for about a year.

    Now studying Hung Gar/Southern Shaolin Kung fu. At the moment doing Tiger Style.

    In addition to sticks can use Nunchaku.

    Been a avid fan/student/reader of martial arts whether i was training or not.

    Lets stay on topic.
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  2. nursebee


    Why Kung Fu?

    I grew up with a weak body. Did tae Kwon Do for a few short periods, then about a year in college. Spent several years doing Karate with very light Tai Chi/grappling/Jiu Jitsu. Chest development and/or overuse begat distal clavicle excision x2. Had some hip comfort issues that impacted my day job, likely from leaving my center of gravity on kicks. I really respected the skills of some of the black belts but saw many of them with their own joint issues and/or replacements. My observation was that shorter stockier folks fared better with their joints than ol farts.

    When I was a very immature young man getting my life together I set many goals, achieved all of them accept black belt. It is difficult to be a man and let go of some physical activities in the interest of being physically healthier with better mobility for a long life.

    I bike and swim now. I sure miss the great work outs, gaining skills, and sparring with law enforcement offers!

    Ryan Hall!

  3. Love kung fu since I was a kid watching 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Return to the 36th Chamber and Five Deadly Venoms as well as many others, including Bruce Lee.

    I did not like all the fancy kicks I had to start doing in TKD. With tight hip flexors and strong legs I was fine with front kicks and hip high side kicks but roundhouse kicks to the head or crescent kicks or spinning crescent kicks??? man that was not for me and was more showy than real. Also the style is very stiff for me even though actual sparring is more flowing. I just don't have the hips for doing a spinning hook kick to break boards.

    People match up with styles and kung fu is more what I love, especially Tiger style Hun gar. I have not yet reached the other animal styles so we will see.

    I also love weapons and that is why I did Arnis and picked up the nunchaku. These are mostly for working out since it is not like I can walk around with either for protection (illegal :) ).

    I also read up a lot on Bruce Lee, not the stuff he does in his movies but his theories of fighting and style. My all time favortie is still 36th Chamber of Shaolin.