Should we ignore loss in Forex Trading?

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  1. Traders can use stop loss to protect their profits, minimize losses and stay in trades that will eventually turn around. Losses can be prevented or limited by using a stop loss. One of the main reasons why there are several successful traders is they know how to use stop loss effectively.
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  2. No, not ignore but first of all we should know how to take both profit & loss in our stride and find out the ways to minimize the losses.
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  3. i have seen none who already done this task , actually loss is a thing that we cant ignore in spite of having most powerful analyzing trade knowledge and experience. so we the traders should take losses easily.
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    from last couple of months i am doing very bad during news , losses so many , really i am feeling not good , trying to come out.
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  5. Ignoring loss in Forex Trading is not a good idea. Learn how to cut your losses and limit your risk effectively. A trader could have the best forex trading plan in place, but risk management is a crucial factor to consider before any opportunities are taken.
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  6. it depends on your money management if you have powerful one then you are able to avoid losses for sometime but of course you have to face losses , no way to deny completely
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  7. I won’t advise doing that. In fact, I believe that you must examine your losses more closely than you examine your profits. Your losses can teach you important trading lessons.
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  8. Is it even possible to ignore loss in trading? Your question would be more apt if you would’ve asked if it is possible to forget about loss and move on.
    I think most of us face difficulty in letting go of what went wrong, we are so attached to our profits that we cling to our losses. Everytime I lose money, I keep meditating on the losing trade and try to find the mistakes. It’s really hard to ignore loss. I mean my entire trading career is dependent on the capital in my account.
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  9. No, you shouldnt ignore losses, you need to know how to handle losses properly so you don't make the same mistake again. For example like keeping a trading journal to record it or revisit your trading plan.
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    NO. You should never ignore losses in forex trading. Indeed, whether you win or lose, you should always backtest your strategies and work on improving them further. It is so because losses are a part of trading. If you analyze them regularly, then you will have a greater understanding of the market.
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