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    1. kimstertrader
      Hello, i just got my account approved. I'm having bit difficulty wiring money through Bank of America. I tried using the wiring option in my account but it doesnt ask for the swift number or any space to add my account number as stated in the wiring instructions. Is there a correct way to wire money through Bank of America or even a 3rd party company to do so?
      1. AMP_Global
        it is ok, to send with no memo section. It will come from bank account name that matches your AMP account number.

        yes, since BoA is in the USA - use the ABA Number: 071000288
        Aug 15, 2021
    2. amos922
      My application was denied for an AMP brokerage account. I saw that a representative of AMP stated to PM if you were interested in finding the reason you were denied. I would like to find out that information so I can amend and re-apply. What information would be needed to move forward with this? Thanks
    3. toby400
      AMP you sent me a post/message which I accidentally lost : Here is the reply - " I opened an account with your USA arm. I have yet to fund it via SEPA. Things look good so far.
      I am debating using 'Traderview' or AMP CQG web platform on my iMac. I did not open account with your European branch because you only have MT4/5 platforms."
    4. RifffRafff
      I have been trying for weeks to get CME Globex data on my platform. For some reason, AMP can't get this done. It seems really basic, but I can't get data and can't trade the CME. Am I missing something ?
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