2023 Advertising Opportunities and Rates

What We Do:

Elite Trader helps brokerage firms, software companies, education providers and other organizations gain more customers by exposing their products and services to our community of active traders of Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex and Cryptos.

What We Don't Do:

We do not participate in affiliate programs or ad networks. We only work directly with advertisers.

The Question We Are Asked Most Often:

Can our company promote our products and services and interact with your members through the posts we submit to your discussion forums?

Yes... But only if your company has purchased a Vendor Account, which is a business membership that authorizes you or another employee to be an official representative of your company on our site. To qualify for a Vendor Account, click here to complete the required application form.

Your Point of Contact:

Baron Robertson


This opportunity is the best branding real estate that you can get on ET.

Your ad is strategically surrounded by our content links, giving it as much visibility as possible. This spot is not exclusive but we do guarantee a minimum exposure level of 50,000 impressions per month.

Dimensions: 300 x 600 (w x h)

File Type: GIF, PNG or JPG

Max File Size: 100KB

Animation: Not Allowed. All ads must be static.

Cost: $2,895 per month


Elite Trader is a collection of individual discussion forums, with each one focusing on a specific area of trading.

Each of our forums can be sponsored, which means that your ads will appear at the top of every page of discussion within the forum you sponsor.

The key thing to understand about a forum sponsorship is that it's exclusive, so once you sponsor a forum, no other company can take that space from you for as long as you remain a sponsor. The downside is that we have a limited number of forums that can be sponsored. That's why it's important to act now if you see an available forum that suits your business.

As a value add, we take the ads you submit for a forum sponsorship and also run them in any of the unsponsored forums to give you some site-wide exposure at no additional cost. This "run-of-site" exposure is done on a rotational basis with ads submitted from other sponsors.

Dimensions: 970 x 250 (w x h)

File Type: GIF, PNG or JPG

Max File Size: 125KB

Animation: Not Allowed. All ads must be static.

Forum Monthly Rate Availability
Trading $3,310 Sponsored by
Journals $2,857 Sponsored by
Wall St. News $1,878 OPEN
Economics $717 OPEN
Stocks $1,332 Sponsored by
Alaric Securities
Options $2,365 OPEN
ETFs $412 OPEN
Fixed Income $378 OPEN
Index Futures $1,260 Sponsored by
Commodity Futures $923 Sponsored by
Cannon Trading
Financial Futures $770 Sponsored by
AXIA Futures
Forex $1,515 Sponsored by
Cryptocurrencies $3,887 OPEN
Order Execution $897 Sponsored by
Automated Trading $1,950 Sponsored by
Technical Analysis $1,882 OPEN
App Development $638 OPEN
Strategy Building $1,107 OPEN
Risk Management $847 OPEN
Trading Psychology $1,045 OPEN
Retail Brokers $1,673 Sponsored by
AMP Futures
Prop Firms $3,071 Sponsored by
Forex Brokers $773 OPEN
Trading Software $2,732 Sponsored by
Data Sets and Feeds $608 Sponsored by
Networking and Security $575 OPEN
Hardware $630 OPEN
Educational Resources $1,425 Sponsored by
AXIA Futures
Professional Trading $1,628 OPEN
Taxes and Accounting $853 OPEN


If you're promoting a time-sensitive event or special offer, we can send a dedicated email on your behalf to our subscriber list of 48,000+ traders.

We generally wait one week after the mailing is sent to send you the performance metrics.

Email Format: HTML

Also Needed: Subject Line for the Email

Lead Time: 2 Days

Cost: $999 per Mailing

Availability: Inquire to set up mailing date and time.

If you're ready to move forward or if you just have questions or need more information, simply reach out to Baron Robertson by phone at 407-230-9956 or by email to baron@elitetrader.com.