Jun 22, 2010
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    1. Govard_Rork
      good day! could you help me? We want to trade volatility professionally on CME. We are looking for quality software and a broker. Please tell me how best to get access to trading, through which broker? and what kind of software to choose for these purposes? We need a permanent delta hedge with the ability to choose the model by which it is carried out. If. it's not difficult to share your experience, please.
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    2. fuzzyq
      Drawn by your post from 2010, I'm looking for info on market making in SPX and SPXW options for an academic paper on index option mispricing (if you are interested I may elaborate what we mean by that, with possible implications for non-academic profits)
    3. Bailey320
      Thanks. I use TD Ameritrade. I had a worthless option in NKLA go to $4 per share intrinsic value after hours and submitted exercise order a at 5:08pm. I am waiting to see if it exercised. I like being able to submit exercise order online instead of over phone like other brokerages.
    4. Bailey320
      Hi. Which Brokerage do you use? I have been trying to find the brokerage with the best after hours option exercise abilities.
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