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Mar 19, 2011
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    1. victorycountry
      Hi Jk90029! Have new Year. You have not been very active this year yet
    2. kicker81
      Helloo, if i'm not mistaken, you're just open an account with IB. I want to open account with IB as well. In the future, may i ask you some question if i have problems with the open account process? And will you tell me how to get the paper trading account in IB. I want to learn or get used to the platform before i put my real money in some trades. Thank you.
    3. jk90029
      I hope I were in your local ares so that we can talk face-to-face.

      Actually I am not used to NYSE API although I have more than 5 years of automated trading experence in other country than NYSE. I can hardly understand the "trigger" and "market and limit" I almost never bought any stock at the middle price and always my BUY order is below the market to wait for execution during the intra-day.

      Here is my personal email (jk90029@yahoo.com) for easy communication. Please note that my English is not pretty good. Where is your local area, such as NY?
    4. orionn
      hi, without knowing your specific requirements I will not be able to help further.
    5. orionn
      hi, you want to subscribe market data (not snapshot nor historical) for 400 stock symbols and want to submit a batch of 100 orders, I have the following questions:
      1) what computations should be performed with the received data ?
      2) what are the triggers for the orders ?
      3) what type of orders are being submitted ? limit ? market ? stop ?
      looking for your feedback.
    6. jk90029
      1) data subscription (around 400 equity)
      2) API order, e.g. 100 equity orders together
    7. orionn
      hi, regarding your thread "Is there any sports bar in Wall Street, to talk about API programming?", what are your requirements that you want implemented with the IB API ? looking for your feedback.
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