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Jun 6, 2023
Sep 11, 2019
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London, UK
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Liberty Market Investment

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Get funded with one of the industry's top proprietary firms! Sep 12, 2019

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Jun 6, 2023
    1. AmeliaScott93
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    2. Tuggi
      I have to say that the device is very fast on volfix. the support answers very fast.
      I am now in the process of qualifying and finally capitalizing on myself.

      The prices are very fair. That's why I decided to join LMI.

      Can I recommend anyone who has a suitable setup. Without a good setup you can quickly reach the draw down.
    3. kg040289msv
      It is LMI company which I passed and got very positive impressions. The subscription price is much lower than other competitors, the month of qualification is free. Free of using Volfix during the Practice and Qualifying Session. The support solved some problems. The site is good, you can find enough useful information according to a specific instrument. No questions to the company, only to myself.
    4. Orest-T
      Hello! Recently got acquainted with the LMI company. In comparison with other companies of a condition for trade the best. Good distribution of profit 80/20. There took place selection in the summer. I passed the first stage Practice Session. I did not manage to pass the second stage Qualifying Session, exceeded a day limit of losses. Now I work on the mistakes and I will try to undergo selection again.
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    5. Just_smile12
      Hello!!! ABOUT LIBERTY MARKET INVESTMENT only positive feedback !!!
      24/7 operational support!
      Passed by Practice Session !! but Qualifying Session unfortunately did not pass on its shortcomings !! The conditions are excellent !!! I will continue to try !!!
    6. demonen
      I'm working with LMI about 6 months. At the time I'm trying to get results on 50k Practice Session. The goal is to become financial prop trader and LMI partner.
      Many thanks to LMI for the great opportunities for those who is on the difficult way of trading CME futures. Well Done!
    7. kris4en
      Hi Traders,
      i'm very satisfied with LMI, i have passed the practice session in a month,
      i'm trying to pass the qualifying session,but i need more time,
      i like LMI because you can trade also european indices like FDXM or FDAX during the sessions,
      i recommend LMI,because it's a serious prop firm!
      All the best:)
    8. dolasi
      Hello to all)
      I am an intraday scalper!
      I do not want to risk my capital, therefore I want to trade in a prop company.
      Prop with the best conditions is LMI!
      I tried a 50k practice session but wasn’t ready psychologically ... I’ll continue training with 10k selection and microcontracts.
      Good trading to all)
    9. Grand Admiral
      Grand Admiral
      If you are ready to start trading on CME, but you do not have enough money to open an account. If you are looking for a prop company with good conditions for trading. If you need a professional trading platform and technical support. If you are a beginner and ready to grow. All you need is LMI!
      Unfortunately did not pass the Qualification Session. I continue to gain experience and my choice of company LMI.
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    10. Toruz
      Hello, I am also a satisfied customer of lmi. Before I tested all other debt capital providers, but I'm in good hands with lmi. The support is gigantic, the connection 1a and everything else leaves nothing else to be desired. Continue like this...
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    Home Page:
    London, UK
    Getting you Funded!
    Liberty Market Investment gets traders funded all over the globe. In the meanwhile, you get access to one of the industry-leading trading platforms,, for free. We are offering $10,000 to $150,000 funded accounts for you to manage. To get funded, complete our Traders' Recruitment Program Subscription in 2 simple steps. Practice your trading system with our first step, the Practice Session. Once you complete it, the second step is free if you can complete it within 15 (30) days depending on the account size. Take your time to complete our Practice and Qualifying Session. Withdraw 100% of profits up to an $8000 of profits earned (90/10 with 90% going to the trader on top of that). If something goes wrong with your funded account, you will get a Re-Qualifying session for free, so you can back to the Recruitment Program in the most relaxing way, work out your mistakes and get back to funding.



    Free Trial Account for 14 days to try our Trader Recruitment Program
    Get 15% off on your first Practice Session purchase (new users only, please contact our support team)

    Liberty Market Investment
    25 City Road, Epworth House, Office 320, London, EC1Y 1AA

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team:
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