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    1. robertSt
      Magic, thank you for your comment on my put selling thread. It turned on the light. I've been selling puts all these years and never saw this. Establish a risk floor. Take the credit, if there's anything left on the longs, it's gravy. Can trade approx. 10 times the contracts with the same allocation. Already opened my first 100 lot, also on PLTR with an .87 credit. I think this will change everything.
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    2. BlueWaterSailor
      [QUOTE]Some days if I feel a bit weary/melancholy for lack of a better term it's harder to get myself to be risk-on.[/QUOTE]

      Wanted to say "thanks" for this. I've had some of those days; had me wondering WTH is wrong with me. Now, I get that being risk-on is 1) key to trading well, 2) isn't "on" 24/7, and 3) I haven't turned into a coward. It *will* take some time to get used to.

      Thanks again for the clarity.
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      2. Magic
        Glad you found some inspiration! We aren’t robots, and managing emotions / mental capital is necessary for consistency, at least for me. It gets hard sometimes to figure those less tangible aspects into the math and optimal decision making. But I’m not convinced ignoring them is the right answer.
        Jul 13, 2019
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