Top Resources

  1. TradeInsights
    Free Day Trading Journal - by Baron
  2. TD Ameritrade
    Online broker with a variety of trading platforms. - by Baron
  3. Bookmap
    An innovative trading platform that displays market liquidity and order flow - by Bookmap
  4. Trader Workstation (TWS)
    Interactive Brokers' Flagship Trading Platform - by Baron
  5. Tradelize Terminal
    Crypto trading platform with direct access to eight major exchanges. - by Baron

Featured Resources

  1. NinjaTrader Brokerage

    A discount broker for futures, forex & options traders.
  2. TradeZero America

    $0 commission on stocks and options with pro trading platforms.
  3. Liberty Market Investment

    Looking for traders to manage capital worldwide.
  4. Ironbeam

    FCM brokerage for Exchange Traded Futures and Option Contacts.
  5. MotiveWave

    A Full-Featured Professional Trading Platform built for the Individual Trader.
  6. Norgate Data

    Survivorship bias-free deep historical data for backtesting and updates for Stocks/Futures/Forex
  1. Reuters

    World’s largest international multimedia news provider.
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  2. RHBInvest

    Offers top global trading exchanges for online investment needs.
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  3. Rice Dairy LLC

    Brokerage firm specializing in comprehensive solutions to dairy price risk management.
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  4. RJO Futures, a division of R.J. O’Brien.

    A commodity brokerage for fast, reliable access to global futures markets.
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  5. Roach Ag. Marketing

    Full-service commodity advisory firm of crops and livestock.
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  6. Robbins Trading Company

    Authorized broker for AutoTrade® programs.
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  7. Robinhood

    Commission-free investing in stocks, ETFs, and options.
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  8. RoboForex

    Offers comfortable trading conditions and high quality services.
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  9. Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    Futures brokerage specializing in the commodity futures industry.
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  10. Rubix FX

    A multi-service brokerage firm.
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  11. Rutsen Meier Belmont (RMB) Group

    Futures brokerage providing futures, options & managed futures services.
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  12. S&P Global

    Provides intelligence and insight on the industries and markets.
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  13. Scanz

    Stock Market Scanner for traders and investors.
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  14. SCB Group

    World’s leading low carbon commodity company.
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  15. Shark Indicators

    Ninja Trading tools for automated trading.
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  16. Sierra Chart

    Financial Markets Charting and Trading Platform.
    4/5, 4 ratings
  17. SIX

    Technology for the financial center.
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  18. SJB Futures, LLC

    A Futures broker with multiple clearing firms & on-line trading platforms.
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  19. Spectrum Commodities

    Full service commodity broker in all futures and options markets.
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    Financial Market Data For Developers and Non-Developers.
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