Bookmap (Mac Version)

An innovative trading platform that displays market liquidity and order flow

  1. Bookmap
    About Bookmap

    Bookmap is an innovative trading platform that displays the entire market liquidity and the order flow. It provides clear visualization of the past and present state of the order book utilizing an adjustable heatmap.

    Bookmap provides full transparency of the actions and intentions of market participants. Traders view the liquidity in the market as an HD video with no delay or aggregation.

    With Bookmap traders:
    • Get real-time Full Depth Market Data: more than 10 different connections to Brokers & Data Feeds are supported

    • Watch the Order Book & the traded volume in great clarity

    • Use different tools to analyze the market activity in real time or offline, including Volume Profiles, Volume Dots, Cumulative Volume Delta, Large Lot Tracker (LLT) and many more

    • Trade Futures, Stocks and Digital Currencies from a single platform

    • Develop indicators and strategies using one of the most advanced API available


    Bookmap provides advanced Education for traders, including Order flow Course and live trading webinars with professional traders and educators.

    Register for free to the Basic Bookmap webinar to learn more


    Bookmap FREE Digital package allows connection and real-time trading in cryptocurrencies. Explore the heatmap, data speed and also connect to delayed data of US stocks powered by dxFeed. All for free!

    When you are ready to start using real-time Futures or US stocks, upgrade to Bookmap Global/ Global+ packages. As of Nov, 2018 prices for Global is $49/mo and for Global+ $99/mo. Discounts apply to yearly subscriptions or through eligible brokers.


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