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  1. Version 6.0 Beta 3 for MotiveWave Trading Platform

    We're never done adding features!

    The final beta of Version 6 (Beta 3) of the MotiveWave trading platform, released August 11, 2019, introduces some more great new features including:

    • Market By Order--Displays individual order sizes in the DOM Bid/Ask Columns; this is also available for use in the SDK
    • Big Trades Study--Ability to filter out smaller sizes and just see the large orders/Big Players
    • More Depth Levels in DOM beyond the standard 10 (you can see the full order book)
    • DOM Position in Queue (you can see where your order is in the queue)
    • Significant Rithmic enhancements
    • Additional enhancements to the TPO Study and Volume Imprint Study
    • OHLC Study
    • Custom Elliott Wave Ratios
    • ... and more!
    See the MotiveWave What's New in Version 6 Beta 3 PDF Guide for full details.

    Download here:
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