Professional trading platform for quants and active traders

  1. Tickblaze
    Tickblaze is a research and execution platform for professional quants and active traders. The platform covers the full life cycle of algorithmic trading, including strategy development, backtesting, optimization and live trading.

    The Tickblaze algorithmic trading software includes the following features:

    • Strategy Development: Extensible architecture that supports 18 different types of scripts, all of which can be written in C# or Python.
    • API: Easy-to-use API that offers more than 600 well documented functions.
    • Backtesting: Backtesting engine that is able to backtest a portfolio of trading strategies in a single integrated environment.
    • Optimization: Optimization engine that is able to optimize the parameters of multiple trading strategies at the same time.
    • Risk Management: Risk management module that is able to monitor trading strategies and cancel or modify orders based on portfolio level risk analysis.
    • Charting and Visualization: Feature-packed charting solution that offers a large selection of bar types, chart styles and customizations, all of which can be accessed via API.
    • Live Trading: Broker-neutral trading platform that is able to trade dozens of strategies and thousands of symbols at the same time.
    • Intellectual Property: A desktop platform that keeps strategies private and secure on the trader's workstation.



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Recent Reviews

  1. fan27
    Long time member of this site and long time user of Tickblaze. I have not been able to find another platform that comes close to Tickblaze in terms of portfolio level strategy back testing/live trading and ease of using multiple time-frames in a strategy. Another bonus is their support is top notch!