Free Day Trading Journal

  1. Baron
    TradeInsights is a free day trading journal that shows you important metrics and analytics based upon your imported your trade history. Supported markets are stocks, options, and futures with forex coming in the near future.

    Some of the features include:
    • Cumulative P/L Chart
    • Day/Time Related Performance Metrics
    • Instrument Price and Volume Related Performance Metrics
    • View your entries, exits, and P/L taken along the way all plotted on charts for the symbol traded
    • Charts showing daily volume traded and ticket counts
    • Trades list page where we break your trades down so you can see your P/L along with fees on each trade, including scale-ins and outs
    • The option to have your trading performance published on the TradeInsights Leaderboard

Recent Reviews

  1. Trader10000
    Great trading journal. One of the easiest to use and it displays the trading data in a clear and easy to navigate format. Trades can be imported from a wide range of trading platforms and new features are being added on an ongoing basis.
  2. FabianPinilla
    Excellent platform and great support team, I've tried it with Fusion and TOS (Equity Market), and it works perfectly.
  3. Brune
    Great platform and really nifty to play around with the dashboard. Lots of supported imports and even binance for cryptocurrency is supported.
  4. sideeyeseal
    It's a work-in-progress, but the documentation for generic imports is great. The developer is very responsive and hands-on. Best of all, it's free.