Daily Support & Resistance Levels and Other valuable Info for Futures Traders...

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    NFP tomorrow, market moving event.

    Levels for Friday, Dec. 3rd below:

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  4. Overnight


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    Good catch!!
    Will expand the table to include more currencies soon. Any specific currency futures traders here trade/ follow?
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    Levels for Dec. 8th 2021:

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    Levels for Thursday, Dec. 9th 2021:

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    Levels for Dec. 10th below:

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    Rollover Notice for U.S. Stock Index, Currency and Financial Futures

    Heads up traders! We’re approaching important dates on the trading calendar.

    Monday, December 13th is Last Trading Day for December currency futures. It is of the utmost importance for currency traders to exit all December futures contracts and start trading the next quarterly futures contract and the new front month: March ’22. Currency futures are DELIVERABLE contracts. By holding any December futures contracts through the close of Last Trading Day, you will be subject to delivering (short positions) or taking delivery of (long positions) the full notional value of the futures contract.

    For stock index futures traders, on Friday, Dec. 17th, the Dec. ’21 futures contracts will officially halt trading and the exchange will cash settle all open positions at 8:30 A.M., Central Time. Thursday, December 9th marked the traditional date traders started rolling Dec. stock index futures trades to the next quarterly futures contract and the new front month: also March ’22. Come forward to the new front month for the next ±90 days.

    Finally, for financial futures traders (Ultra bonds, 30-yr. T-bonds, 2-, 5-, 10-yr. T-notes, etc.) the traditional roll-over day was Nov. 30th/First Notice Day (the date all open LONG positions became subject to delivery). The next front month – and now by far the more liquid – is also March ’22. For all longs and shorts not in the deliverables market, it’s time to trade March ’22 contracts.

    The March exchange symbol for all these futures contracts is “H.” Check for the appropriate complete symbol for these new front month futures contracts on your trading/charting software. Make sure your quotes, charts, DOM’s are set to the correct futures contract month

    Levels for Monday Dec. 13th below - have a great weekend!!

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    Trading levels for Dec. 14th 2021:

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