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    Weekly levels for the week of October 3rd below.

    Daily levels for Monday, reports and more on our weekly newsletter now LIVE.

    Have a great weekend/ trading week to come!

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    Trading levels and reports for October 4th are now posted on our DAILY BLOG
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  3. This thread is 54 pages long,

    So what's the Bottom Line to all of these words and sentences,
    What do you generate from the market annually, on average, either in terms of % account returns and/or dollar returns,
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    Hello @MacBookProHo and thanks for asking because maybe others are wondering the same as well.

    Cannon Trading Co. is an independent Introducing Broker. We clear our clients’ trades through six different clearing firms, which collectively offer a wide range of trading resources and services, including trading platforms, trade routing gateways and various types of research and support. We also partner with companies that offer trade strategy solutions, including trade guidance, automated trading systems and other types of account management. In addition, our brokers can manage client accounts on a discretionary basis if requested as well as maintain broker-assisted accounts with clients. This post was created to showcase our in-house support and resistance levels which we generate end-of-day for the following day’s trading and which our clients receive via e-mail. Similar posts as well as our weekly newsletter (distributed for 20+ years) also provide educational information about different topics related to trading.

    In our company’s 34 years in the business, our main goal has been to share information, share our educational resources and our experience and provide trading solutions for traders based on their needs. We are known in the industry for first-rate service (see our TrustPilot Reviews here). Hope this helps and good trading!
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    Weekly trading levels (longer term levels) for the week ahead below.

    Daily levels, videos on using volume bars and more on our weekly newsletter now LIVE.


    Have a great weekend and a successful trading week to follow.
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    Trading levels for Oct. 14th below. Reports and more on our blog.

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