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    1. arglonghorn
      Maverick, not 100% familiar with how this forum works yet but I started a private thread/inbox message with you. Hope you get a chance to take a look at it soon
    2. satiesh
      I am looking for a Prop trading Firm which can accommodate our group of US equity traders (7 Trader all on remote) and US futures trader(2 trader, remote). Our group trade around 1 million shares a month and we use Laser. Want to change our platform to Lightspeed trader or takion. Kindly forward my contact if any one can help finding a suitable partner. please contact
    3. Steve Magana
      Steve Magana
      Hey there,

      Do you know of any trust worthy prop firms that only require capital contribution of $5k or less? Also must not require series 56. I have been looking into Tower Hill Trading but would like to compare the contracts between trader and firm before proceeding. Any help would be appreciated :), word around here is your the person to see.
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    4. amonia
      Sir,I am a beginner .............You are an experienced seasoned trader..... I need some help from you .....trying to learn trading ...... Do you have any blog or website lessons or study materials to help learning trading ? Any books / links / youtube lessons ? thanks for your time
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    5. krs1929
      I have traded professionally for 32 years. I have over 32,000 followers on StockTwits. After watching many inexperienced traders start newsletters, I am thinking of starting a newsletter/website. How many people should I realistically expect to sign up?..I was thinking of charging 49/month for a daily strategy and learning site.
    6. calhawk01
    7. nemesis45
      Hi, I came across this at a thread on which you posted.

      " Best deal around? Come on pal, there are firms in Chicago paying guys 500k plus with 60k to 75k in base pay while you are training, not even placing trades, with full benefits and a chance at becoming a partner if you do well. No, that is not the norm of course. It's the exception. I'm just comparing what "making it" at Tower Hill looks like compared to "making it" at a better firm. The two are not the same. And the deferred hold back is not unique to Tower Hill. Every firm in Chicago does that and yes guys walk away from that. A good buddy of mine walked away with 500k in deferment to go to a smaller firm with more upside. He regretted it. But it was because of the circumstance of the new firm."

      could you mention a couple of such firms?
      I have a good job here now at a pure prop, but would still like to know, what kind of opportunities exists in discretionary trading.
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    8. crayon851
      Hey mav, you seem pretty bitter/annoyed , what is up with that?

      Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of books/sites to check it in regards to trading options? I'd like to get better. Thanks!
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