10 serious COVID patients given Israeli drug, leave hospital in one day

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    An Israeli biotechnology company has claimed a 100% success rate in the first 10 patients treated with its drug as part of an early-stage clinical trial at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa.
    The company, Bonus BioGroup, presented the preliminary findings of its Phase I/II trial to peers at the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy conference in New Orleans last week and shared the results in a statement released to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
    The Jerusalem Post, which first wrote about the treatment in May 2020, reviewed the PowerPoint presented at the conference and the five-page letter sent to the exchange.

    Where is my Pfizer/Moderna/J&J sell button? Ah, found it! Of course, strong buy Bonus BioGroup! :)
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    Nice can we stop using experimental dangerous so called vaccines on people finally :)

    Stop all the BS and lockdowns, and Passports and testing and just treat it for the few that get bad symptoms and move the fuck on!! FINALLY!!

    Sadly, this will take years for full approval, or it'll get buried, no power/FEAR in curing people :(

    They need it, first jabbed = first to die from the jab's when reinfected,what's to come for the rest of us, there rolling out there 3rd jabs as quick as they can, soon 4th as it'll last less and less time, until it's a Pfizer pill taken twice per day for the rest of there lives :(
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    May 2020 over a year and still only phase 2 trials, where as Jab's being rushed stage 4 by middle of september, cause that's how a long term study works.

    They want this for ever!!!
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    Nobody would leave hospital in a day after an experimental drug was administered. They would be monitored.

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    Yeah don't take that experimental drug, take this experimental drug :rolleyes:
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    To be fair, that's 1% better off :)

    My mates double jabbed mate, has Covid OMG and I gave her a lift the other day and she expects me to hide in the house just incase I've got it, when I've already had it.

    FEAR is STRONG with these muppets, bet she still opens her shop Thursday LOL
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    Prefer Experiment you take, just when suffering really badly ie might actually die, rather than experimental drug being pushing on 7Bil and we'll just wait and see if it kills most of them and what other side effects there might be.

    Year Later, whoops we see it kills 100% of the population who've had it, or been near someone with it, sorry!!
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    I see there trashing Invective what ever it's caused, because someone self medicated and ended up ill, not even dead, just like that did last year to stop people using it even though it would of reduced the deaths by 80% area.
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