$100K withdrawal from MES Capital

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    This is not necessarily bad because based on the stats, the OP is not scalping trades. If trading in the night, stoplosses are more likely to take longer to hit as well as profits. I remember I was in a trade at night but got stopped out around 7 or 8 am. This depends on market condition.
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    Missed the point completely.
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    What is the point? Here's my stats for the past two months...
    days in trade.JPG

    So my average hold time of all trades of is 11.5 days, but my average hold time for losing trades is about 50 days. Why is this bad?
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    The OP stats not yours. Don't be so defensive.
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    That is MY point. It doesn't matter who's stats. What is the big deal about a 3 hour hold on losing trades? Maybe, if they held for a few more hours, or days, they would not have been losing trades!

    (This is my attempt to get people to stop fearing the perceived overnight reaper, which apparently comes in and destroys all traders in the universe).
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    You are projecting your trading and your account and your financial situation onto others.

    Best not to. One size does not fit all.
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    Indeed, sorry, just grumping about prop firms again. Bad habit. :-\
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  8. Love the stats!
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