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    The hits keep on coming. Couple of weeks ago, I took a knock to the melon and got a few staples. All good. Now, the doctor doesn't like my BP. So for 10 days now I've severely restricted my sodium intake and eliminated caffeine. For a week I've been drink a glass of beetroot juice and the BP has been drifting down.

    Before I go on meds, I would like to give 120 life a try.

    Anyone using it?
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    Try cutting out sugar.
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  5. %%
    THAT sounds helpful ;
    + exercise for a lot of things. Even though sugar in fruit seems helpful, as long as i dont eat a whole watermelon.:D:D
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    Blood pressure follows weight, just lose 20 pounds by not eating solid food after 8pm.
    Pretend you have gastritis, I better not eat or it's going to hurt. Then your stomach will signal and follow your expectations.
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    Cutting out salt to the RDA as you will die otherwise, should very quickly remove congestive fluid around your heart. I have done this a few times before I had stents put in. A bang anywhere can trigger systemic inflammation and fluid build up.

    Paprika and spices used wisely can make you not particularly miss salt.

    I rarely add salt to anything now, just Pringles give me cravings sometimes but Paprika popcorn is quite good. We watch a lot of movies in our house as we have a dedicated cinema.
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    Trying to minimize it atm. But it's kinda, everywhere.

    Although, comparing with what i used-to consume, it's much less.
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    I like that too! Must be the German-Hungarian in me.
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    Ah yes, the continent's unusual snacks. I remember getting a drive once passing through Switzerland at 2am and stopping at a motorway service station I saw the most varieties of flavoured popcorn in my life. It was really an excess amount and no Pringles. It felt like a decision of an eccentric manager who adored popcorn rather than the norm.

    It was the first time I had paprika and the first and last time I had ginger flavoured popcorn. Ginger popcorn starts to feel like huffing a bag of a WWI gas. The coughing.. :)
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