200,000 traders around the world have already chosen InstaForex

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    International online Forex broker InstaForex Company is happy to inform all its clients and partners that the number of traders joined the Company reached 200,000 persons. We thank each of 200,000 InstaForex customers for confidence and assessment of our services, which we were given over the past years.

    Day by day, we aim to be better, to evolve for our clients in order to render comfortable, up-to-date and interesting operating conditions. Progress and forward motion, improvement and flexibility of our services have been the reason of being for InstaForex dynamically developing company in recent years, within which it has become one of the largest brokerage companies on the market.

    Trading conditions evolution

    Today, the trading conditions development allows InstaForex Company to offer to its clients:

    * more than 300 trading instruments on Forex, Gold, CFD, Futures and Commodities;
    * leverage 1:1000 - the highest among all companies;
    * instant execution of orders;
    * 5 trading servers;
    * best trading conditions;
    * tens of contests with annual prize fund of 500,000 USD;
    * international portal MT5.com;
    * Forex television from InstaForex - InstaTV;
    * yearly beauty contest Miss InstaForex Asia;
    * the drawing of 3 autos: Hummer H3 (2010), Lotus Elise (2011), Lotus Evora (2012);
    * the widest list of depositing methods.

    International recognition

    During the working period InstaForex Company received the awards “Best broker in Asia” and "Broker #1 in Asia” from such brands as ShowFx World (2009) and World Finance Awards (2009 and 2010). Articles about the company were released in such reputable international publications as "CNBC Business"; "World Finance"; "Business & Finance"; "European CEO"; "Public Finance" etc.

    Today, InstaForex is one of Forex industry leaders in the world. Thank you for choosing us as a broker and becoming one of our 200,000 clients now!

    Trade with InstaForex - earn with InstaForex!
  2. Gcapman


    and of those 200,000 your company has probably managed to cheat 199,999 of them out of serious cash........... :cool:
  3. "200,000 traders around the world have already chosen InstaForex"

    all but 200 have lost their ass.

    out of the remaining 200 199 never placed a trade.

    1 is making shitload of money because he went short Eur at the beginning of 2010. skills? no, he went into coma soon after the trade and was unable to actively trade.
  4. jasonc


    wow 1000:1, I love how if the spread widens even a little for some pairs your forced to liquidate
  5. dewton


    1:1000 eh?

    lose 20% of your account instantly per trade with just the spread!
  6. Welcome to ET Kate.

  7. JamesL


    I suggest anyone interested in this company do a google search about them before committing any monies. A proper due-diligence on anyone/any firm you would give money to is always recommended. Even if they do pay to advertise here.
  8. Beauty contest hey: I like that. Do you have a free trial involving the best winner?
  9. To state the obvious... any broker offering you a bonus is an outright scam.

    That's proved. Just like there ad.
  10. Do all 200,000 traders use the same 5 trading servers?
    #10     Jul 18, 2010