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  1. Google Madoff or any of the 10s of thousands of FX Ponzi-scams out there. The hook is the bonus or high rate paid on balances. Of course, you'll never get your money out.

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  2. IFX Katerine

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    You got caught in an endless loop like a fan of Dukascopy. You have a worship, not a position. ;) But in fact you haven't pointed any disadvantage of InstaForex and any advantage of Dukascopy over us.
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    Oh common! Did you get stuck in Stone Age? Marketing tools are used only by scammers! What a nonsence! :D

    Search the forums and maybe you'll be lucky to find the proofs of payments posted by our real clients.

    Let's operate with the facts, not with your conjectures!
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    Don't you find words to explain it in writings? :D
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    Dukascopy does not work with MT4, just wtih JForex, web and java platforms.

    There is some bridge between JForex and MT4, but there are a lot of complans about installing and configuring this bridge even at Dukaskopy
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    Are you choosing a broker by appearence of its employees? :confused:

    For example?

    Try to find us at Google maps. ;)
    236000, Teatralnaya str.30 office 510, Kaliningrad, Russia.

    You can even visit our office. :D
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  8. Whatabout my worship about PFG ?

    It's not my task to tell you why the others are better, it's your task to convince me that you are better. So far you ain't succeeding and you are just giving me crap.

    I want those 10 minutes of my life back I just spending typing these posts to you.
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    You're wrong, you can find a list of our offices with contacts and physical addresses at this page.
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  10. IFX Katerine

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    I listed you 8 reasons why it's better to trade with us. You've just thumbed your nose, without pointing what you didn't like. This behaviour is more indicative for a pregnant woman, not for a serious trader.

    When InstaForex introduces time machine, I will let you know. :D
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