4.5 billion dollar options bet

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    Old news donkey, keep trading.
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    I love this erroneous assumption that the calls had to be sold and not bought. There is nothing that supports that claim. Also, I love the fact that these dimwits are not even allowing for the possibility that the trade was a cross done off the floor as part of an OTC trade.

    Here is a crazy idea. If this scenario were true, wouldn't it be much easier to just short sp 500 futures. Since those trades are not tagged and would go completely unnoticed and would offer a much higher payout. Oh wait, I forgot, we need to stay in bizzaro world when we play this game, I forgot.
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    Sorry, but there must be a buyer AND a seller for ANY option transaction to complete.
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    Yes, there is a market maker on the other side of that trade. So? LOL. I don't think the market maker is speculating on the SP 500 dropping 50%. He is hedging his position. My guess is both parties are hedged and the trade was a cross done off the floor to fit into a structured product offered up to some large pension or trust.
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  6. Interesting but I do believe China is up to something behind closed doors. Maybe they will wait till after the summer Olympics, build up their Communist empire and crush the world (financially) where it hurts the most.:)
  7. Yes, thats likely it.

    For sure.
    As everyone knows, the olympics are a big biz......massive tourist $, broadcasting rights, it never ends.
    Oh wait, whom, exactly, will be going to these games?
    Um, i guess the broadcasting rights are owned already, hmm......

    Put it this way, the olympics have only survived so long on the massive tourist spending. Last i checked, china wasnt top of the list of tourist friendly countries, despite the lonely planet guides.
    Im just saying, is all.

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