5 Reasons Forex Traders Fail

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  1. Ellemari


    The reasons for failure can be through a large number, but there are some basic ones that are committed out of ignorance and uncertainty.
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  2. It is a good article, thanks though
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  3. Insane!
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  4. Rodrigo_1


    You're right. Multiple reasons can be possible to make a person fail here, some related to knowledge and some to personal traits.
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  5. rider20


    Correct. Psychology plays a major role I believe, ever more powering than Knowledge. As sometimes, we have the knowledge but the right mindset is missing.
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  6. Lol Yeah. But the leverage has nothing to do with the spreads. I use 1:500 from Tenkfx and the spreads still low asf. I love this leverage tho..
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  7. when i started Forex trading so many times i fail and one thing was very common which is greed and emotions , by means of this bad habit i lost vast money in there.
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  8. Most Forex traders fail for a number of reasons. Looking at successful traders, we as traders should mean that we can all be successful. More determined than ever. Here are some reasons why traders fail.
    Greed and lack of patience: There are many traders in the market who are looking for shortcuts to make huge profits from the market.
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  9. shadybee


    I think most of us have been through this phase. But ultimately we have to learn from our mistakes if we want to grow as a trader.
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  10. icallgod


    I think a small account size is mostly the problem
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