50 dma

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by murray t turtle, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Bloomberg.com news
    has an interesting article on 50 dma today;
    dont know why they didnt mention the 200,worthwhile read anyway.:cool:
  2. bluedemon77

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    Looks like it's bumping up against the 50 day EMA to me. Not what I would call "bullish."
  3. Thanks for the reference. M. Tortoise. But it didn't cross the 50 day ema of the close, so it doesn't count.
  4. ================
    Bear market;
    buy volume a bit weak, but buy volume better than sell volume,DEC. Oil/gasoline cheap,getting cheaper-LOL

    Below 50ema, & 200 ma;
    but 2 closes above 50sma[watch both myself]-SPY,QQQ,DIA
    Bloomberg must have been commenting on sma.