9/18/07 - A Sad Day For America

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  1. Exactly.
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  2. Remember that Alcoa CEO Bush put as treasury secretary when he was first elected, Paul something. He said from day one Bush was wanting to invade Iraq, IMO he was wanting to settle an old score with Saddam from his daddy administration

    Yes your right he did pursue his won personal interests
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  3. Galatia


    FED is only punishing foreign banks/countries that are holding large amount of dollar reserves by lowering rates. But i guess this won't last long, they're about to slap on the FED and start to sell their $s and diversify their portfolio. Actually this is just a begining. Sooner or later USD bonds rates will start to rise and $ will plunge to a level that has never seen before or one can imagine.
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  4. Then wallstreet will say, a weak dollar is good, buy buy buy.
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  5. Where are all you wealthy upper 1%-ers who got those big tax breaks from George B? How come you are not spending more and lifting the economy????

    It's time to prove George is right!! Time to step up to the plate and spend that mega-wealth now that the housing problem has tapped-out Joe Q Public!!

    This is the chance, one and for all, to prove that it really works that way!!!!
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  6. Cesko


    There are so many smart people around here. I am not going to argue with anyone. You are all correct. I have one question though, how many of you have opened FOREX account and converted whatever you own into SF or anything better than $$????
    Ivanovich WTF you are talking about?10 year planning my ass. Count everything you have and convert it into SF, you will,de facto, become an outsider before you even move anywhere. Considering what you wrote in this thread and considering also this is a fucking trading site you probably have done so already. If not you probably never heard of FOREX or you just enjoy bitching.
    I voted by my foot in my life and it was much more risky and complicated than opening a stupid FOREX account.
    OK "traders" who keeps most your money in "better" foreign currency??????
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  7. Hey Clueless, check the Forex forum - see my 1000 or so posts there.

    Christ, some people shoot off their mouth randomly it seems.

    Èinit tebe dovídat se mne teï? Czech boy?
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  8. What a moron Ben Bernake is - he just made life more expensive for the hardworking responsible people of America to bailout reckless speculators.

    A much Sadder Day for America than I could have imagined.
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  9. Congrats to all who have predicted 50bp cut.
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  10. :) ... Ivanovich, I always enjoy your posts... and this one is no exception... :)
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