9/18/07 - A Sad Day For America

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  1. No, not us bro - we take risks and no one bails us out. Wall St. takes risk and always gets bailed out.
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  2. Why don't you do some math and look at the beginning of something OTHER than a 1 hour period. Let's look at the beginning of 2007. Or a year ago this time. Or whatever.

    I think you'll see that gold and oil aren't really THAT much more expensive to, say, Canadians. Or the British. Etc.

    It's us who suffer - bozo.
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  3. RIP AMERICA. Your country is dead.
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  4. bottom line is USD devaluation is the path that Benny Boy has chosen...as if he had any other option..........

    USDX to 50, gold to $1K
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  5. Our country is not dead yet

    Ride the equity bubble until 2008 elections
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    reminds me of the speech by the teldar paper CEO comparing his company's leverage to that of 'some piss poor South American country'.

    oh how things change. the 'piss poor' '3rd world' countries are now awash in cash, have budget surpluses, and we're the piss poor country. amazing how helicopter ben doesn't listen to his own speeches.

    i can't recall of a time in my now, gulp, 29 years of investing where i've had a sick feeling in my stomach after something like a fed decision. it seriously makes me think i should go back to being a registered financial advisor and focus on helping the majority of American's, who have no clue about the personal impact they are going to feel over the years as the $ devalues, diversify into assets in other currencies. NOBODY in financial planning even talks about it beyond buying an international ETF. seems like a greenfield area....
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  7. yea really,

    the currency is the whole show....maybe we can burn 2 year notes to stay warm this winter....
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  8. Cesko


    Calm down Ivanuska
    The whole point was, do you support your bitching with action? There is so much bitching and whining on this site that it's tiring. I know about your "1000 forex" posts that's why I directed post toward to you Clueless.
    By the way you mention elsewhere about double digit inflation 70's style. Are you "all-in" short USD? For some reason I seriously doubt it. It's more of a "keep the mouth running" than substance, isn't it?
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  9. Your right now make it work for you. I see no reason for stops these days, the fed runs to the rescue. Sit tight you may take some pain but like you said wallstreet alwyas gets bailed out.
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    USA! USA! USA! We bail you out! Land of speculation! USA!
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