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  1. Your should stop posting. Your statement is ignorant.... but not putting you "on ignore" just yet.. giving you another chance.
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  2. No, the best you've heard came from Hunstman; which is a re-work of Forbes plan. 999 would be 20-9-9 within a decade. You can't put a number on it like that and expect it to stick.

    It would NEVER achieve revenue-neutrality.
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  3. "Revenue neutrality"... is THAT our objective? Not in my book.

    What America NEEDS.... that which would attract foreign companies to do their business on American soil.

    1. Low "enough" corporate taxes
    2. Low enough personal taxes... and the only way we get that is to broaden the tax base as much as possible. That 47% of the US populace pays ZERO income tax is not only immoral, it's an abomination!!
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  4. I understand, but so many bureaucrats simply don't understand.. and, as I said, it went to the legislature here in Nevada (pretty scary, eh?).

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  5. Aren't there lots of businesses which operate on less than a 9% gross profit margin? Seems to me the notion of "9% on gross" was merely a faux pas.
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  6. WS_MJH


    Lulz. Look, I'm not going to get into a war on this. We're not changing either opinion. I think we're both for the same goal; the lowest amount of taxation as possible. I want to win. Cain is already ten points behind PBHO and after the media tars and feathers him, he'll be unelectable like Sharron Angle. I'm not in love with Romney, but he can win (it'll still be very tough) and this nation cannot afford four more years of Obambi.

    EDIT: BTW those taxes are on the gross, not on the net.

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  7. Yes, we can't afford 4 more years of Odumbo... I doubt we can afford 4 years of Romney, either. He ain't that different. We don't have the time to fiddle-fuck through another couple of administrations...

    Romney claims, "I can create jobs"... I say, BULLSHIT... not with our current platform.. and the only logical and reasonable platform is some version of Cain's 9-9-9... which will create a HAILSTORM OF JOBS.... and what could be more important to us than that, right now? (The Beltway would bristle, of course... but which is more important?)

    Romney will tweak a little here and there... and accomplish NOTHING!!

    We need the Western world to think "America is the place for me to do business.. better for me/us than in Chindia"... THAT'S the only concept which can save America... Romney ain't down with that.
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    Go back to the 80's. I saw Cain speak at a professional conference -- dynamic speaker. At the time he was a VP at Pillsbury and asked to turn around Burger King. He got down and dirty -- flipping burgers, working the drive through window, etc. He got to know the nuts and bolts.

    So before you go dismissing him as just a CEO of a small pizza chain do some research. Here's a bit of help for you:

    At age 36, Cain was assigned in the 1980s first to analyze and ultimately to take the reins of Burger King, where he managed 400 stores in the Philadelphia area. At the time, Burger King was a Pillsbury subsidiary. Under Cain's leadership, his region went in three years from the least profitable for Burger King to the most profitable.

    Take that business experience and compare it with any other candidate. He understands business.
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  9. Objective? No, it simply means that any plan wouldn't be an encumbrance. Cain is a complete fcuking train-wreck that thankfully doesn't stand a chance.

    Forbes flat-tax was/is PERFECTION. This 999 garbage is pathetic.
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  10. Stop relying on Wikipedia. He controlled restaurants in the Northeast/Philly area. 400 stores in all. BK was much smaller at the time. Stating he "took the reins" at BK is akin to stating that Evander Holyfield is the 10th greatest boxer of all time (*in Alabama).

    Godfather's Pizza -- all he did was close 60% of their stores. Not exactly cutting-edge to look at the ledger and trim all cannibalizing restaurants in the red.

    Had you ever eaten at or seen a Godfather's Pizza location?
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