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    Oh, I'm sorry, is "dumb" too impolite for your delicate disposition? Is naive more acceptable to you?

    As for your questions, I'll do you one better. There should be no income tax. The very legality of that mechanism is in question because it isn't supported by any language in the Constitution.

    But, we have it none the less. And, that's my point. We live in a world with an entrenched political system that is simply not going to level the playing field because to do so necessarily shifts the power away from those who crave it to the ones, the general public, who are too ignorant to realize they need it.

    IMHO, life is too fucking short as it is. Be happy, learn the system and try to carve yourself out a comfortable existence while you're walking around this ball of mud.

    Of course, you can also go chase some windmills while you're here and try to fix this mess.

    And, finally, you can just sit around and not do anything other than bitch and moan about the way things are ad nauseam.

    The fact that any of these choices are equally available to you is, IMHO, the very sort of freedom that this country was founded upon and still exists today.
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  2. how about nine nine zero. I don't care how complicated it is, don't think I am willing to pay a 9% sales tax just for simplicity's sake. Pretty pathetic when the only way to restore people like Herman to his former glory is by screwing the little guy.
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  3. If it's a jolly good bloody emergency press 1 for English straight away
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  4. So you are admitting things are a mess? Wouldn't that imply that things could or should be fixed?
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  5. It's a shame that the american public doesn't appreciate the unique perspective of RON PAUL... He may be our nation's only hope to reverse the pending ruin of our country...

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    Yeah, I'd really have to agree. He is extremely non-mainstream, and there is a unique, inherent bluntness in his ideas and his responses. He seems to really have a pulse on what is going on with our country. Unfortunately, he doesn't stand a chance on a # of fronts: non-mainstream approach won't appeal to the masses, his age, and yes, his quirkiness. He could finish as high as 3rd though.
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    Gee, I guess all those countries with a VAT tax have negative GDP as well, right?
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    You do realize that the highest tax rate in the U.S. was 94% at one time don't you? And that as recently as 1980 the highest tax rate was 70%, and was not lower than 50% until 1986. Tax rates have always been a moving target.
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  9. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that Cain has claimed that there's nothing going on at the federal reserve, and anybody who doesn't believe him should call up their regional branch and start from there.

    Ron Paul's partial audit of the federal reserve uncovered $16 trillion in previously undisclosed 0% interest long term loans made since 2007 to various mega banks and friends of the fed around the world.

    Let's contrast these two candidates' messages:

    Cain: Don't look behind the curtain at the fed, nothing's going on over there!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/uiAkeFJXwUk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Paul: End the fed.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/RQUryPmPL-s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Stop parroting that Ron Paul can't win and start sharing facts instead.
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    I believe the highest tax rate was during the 2 world war when income was capped at 25K. The govment took all earnings over 25K.
    I would consider that a pretty high rate.
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