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    I would take Cain over Oduma any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. So would the majority of America!!!!!!
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  2. How many 9s=10?

    Or said another way, how many .9999999999999999999999s = 1?

    Or said another way, how many .0000000000000000000001s = 0?
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  3. FYI, for those who believe in stupid satanic stuff...

    999 upside down = 666

    yippedy fucking do.


    ok... so some numerology.

    6 + 6 + 6 = 18 = 9 in numerology.

    wow. magic.
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    Obama couldn't run a lemonade stand without having the Gov't. bail him out. This country is hungry to elect 'ANYONE' but Obama!!!!!
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  5. so now we can talk about sex.


    oh. that would who gets the upper-hand.
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  6. FYI, for those unobservant that last post was post #690 by me. Interesting, huh? No. Bored.

    This is post #691 by me, by the way.
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  7. I digressed... the above is the point.
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    The mess I'm referring to is the lack of constitutional controls on federal spending and power and I've yet to see any candidate, past or present, who's talked about bringing structural change to Washington via constitutional amendment(s).

    All we have today are populist messages, whether it's 9-9-9, End the Fed, or whatever else.

    They divert attention from the real issues.
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  9. - has Congress declared war against another country in the last 50 years? No.

    - therefore, the President must evacuate all bases or be impeached.
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    election process,in the beginning we will have several candidates,in the middle we will all argue feverishly for our candidate,towards the end we will get a republican or a democrat and argue more,calling each other stupid for being a repub or dem depending on which side of stupid you are on,when it's all said and done and forgotten about for another 4 years,they will have given us 2 candidates to pick from,we will have elected yet another of the 2 parties in the past and presently robbing, mismanaging,possibly dismantling, the country...now let's divert our attention back to the real issues
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