A 100% Return Strategy In TSLA - Live Trade

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    You should post this thread under Journals, not Options.

    Also, avoid using words like
    100% return strategy
    100% trading accuracy

    Then there will be fewer negative comments.
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  2. thanks I will remember that
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  3. If you do, you can make a huge return buying options with full margin.
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  4. Atikon


    "you will make some money"

    All in!
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  5. buying options with full margin will be too expensive
    the objective is to maximize the $10000 bet
    if I were to buy itm or atm options than it will be well over $10000 budget
    looking at the strike a $10000 budget can buy 2125 strike call expire on jan 2024

    I certainly do think tsla will be above 1000 by jan 24 but I wouldn't and am not confident that tsla could be above 2200 by jan 2024

    and again i am confident that tsla will be above 1000 so I took the bet but by how much it will be up I am not guessing, I still hold 30 shares of tsla so I wouldnt mind tsla keep going up
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  6. yc47ib


    Not very relevant, but still on TSLA.

    Having started with a Nissan Leaf, and later owned a Tesla S, dissappointed with the Leaf, then later with Tesla S, I think the Hertz deal, everyone thinks it is good for Tesla, would actually be the beginning of the demise of Tesla.

    Think about it, you rent a car for convenience and long distance driving, mostly. Electric cars will dissappoint you on both sides comparing to gas cars. Then the words spread. Basically, Tesla, by signing this deal, is letting people experience the dissappointment before committing into buying one.

    Only the data in the next few years will tell, and I think Tesla probably have seen the peak of sales number last quarter, if not, in the next few.

    And FWIW, I am back to hybrid, and took a big hit selling that Model S. But still a much happier driver after getting rid of that piece of electric trash.
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  7. Be careful You will anger a lot of Tesla fans
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    I thought I read that owner satisfaction of Tesla peeps was very high. What did you find wrong with your model S?
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    The Hertz news is net-net a negative say two years out. Tesla is capacity constrained and would have sold all of those cars to end users anyway. The mkt will be flooded with used fleet Teslas in two to three years.
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  10. Remember when everybody used to make fun of GM & Ford cars as being so crappy that rental car agencies accounted for much of their sales? :rolleyes:
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