A call to all fans of the The Orville Sci-Fi series

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  1. thecoder


    I think some of the crew members of Star Trek Enterprise will appear in the above mentioned upcoming Star Trek Strange New Worlds with Captain Pike, ie. the predecessor of Captain Kirk on the USS Enterprise.
    I guess at least Captain Archer (then as Admiral Archer), as there were some news articles indicating in that direction.
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  2. Overnight


    Oh fuck off. That does not count! So T'Pau was the one who reintegrated Spock's mind into his body in ST Search for Spock, but who the hell gets the connection that she had a young version on Enterprise! Bollocks!
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  3. Bugenhagen


    Oh yes, T'Pol is not T'Pau.. I probably knew that once.
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  4. Overnight


    Of course you knew that once! As did we all subconsciously. But as we get really old our subconscious minds do not feed our conscious mind as well as it used to.

    We're getting old, Bugen. We just have to assure we do not lose our libido. :)

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  5. thecoder


    @Overnight, FYI: Vulcans live more than 200 years or so... that's Earth years...
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  6. Overnight


    I am not trying to invalidate the claim that the connection is not possible because of an age difference. Yes, I know Vulcans grow very old. But the El-Aurians lived even longer. Over 700 "earth-years" in some cases". Remember Guinan?

    Anyways, I think it is crap that we are supposed to connect T'Pau from Enterprise with T'Pau from ST:Search for Spock! Oy!
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  7. KCalhoun


    I'll take Jeri as 7 of 9 over t'poo..

    Orville was ok, best episode imo was social proof/badges episode.

    For animated there was a funny non trek one, tripping the rift.
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  8. Bugenhagen


    Talking about very old, I met the guy who played Uncle Martin in My Favourite Martian and later Boothby the academy groundskeeper in StarTrek TNG. It was one of the few I knew someone you knew moments as when a kid I'd met Bill Bixby.

    I used to know his name instantly.

    I'd also be able to recall a half dozen relevant StarTrek quotes but now I can just remember Silk Spectre. "Everyday the future looks a little bit darker. But the past, even the grimy parts of it, well, it just keeps on getting brighter all the time.”

    Well that's bullshit.. I'd remember his name then :)
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  9. thecoder


    Both are good as both had to represent their folks and its culture. T'Pol did it good, ie. logic, Surak etc.
    7of9 as an ex human cyborg was convincing too.

    Yeah, true, I forgot to add this (S1E7 "Majority Rule") as well S1E12 "Mad Idolatry") to my list above.
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  10. Bugenhagen


    Leeta from DS9 was cute.
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