A call to all fans of the The Orville Sci-Fi series

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    Btw, T'Pol says that the Vulcan Academy of Sciences (or something that) has researched time-travel and came to the conclusion that time travel is not possible. And in real life I personally came to the same conclusion, even before seeing T'Pol saying this. Because time-travel does not make any sense, it's bogus science. Sci-Fi movies should stop using it. But the use of parallel dimensions / worlds / universes is ok, as this is indeed possible, also IMO.

    It's all so simple: just imagine we are living in a simulation inside a big computer where billions of copies of the same simulation is running, each being a universe and all universes making up a/the one and only multiverse (at least on that computer :)). Each sim with slightly different starting parameters to make evolution in the particular universe a little bit different from the others. Why do they do it? Science & Commerce, but IMO there is even much more behind it. They allow us also to use their API, though we've not figured it out yet, we are not advanced enough yet. The API is how to use services from the big computer where that multiverse simulation is running. Ie. IMO there are API functions that let us use teleportation to any place in the universe. Even replaying past histories (interesting for truth seekers like law enforcement etc). Only the present exists, the past is recorded, can be replayed for research purposes (but some limitations apply like privacy etc), the future does not exist yet; ie. time-travel is not possible...
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    Well, now you are taking away the magic and imagination of Star Trek, and other shows of that ilk. Go back to "Fair Puts" thread! Boooo!

    Don't make me light-speed into your ass, you damned Imperialist!

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    Go for AMZN's ,,Expanse"
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    This is a hopeless dystopic future, IMO nobody wants.
    I tried, but couldn't watch anymore. Another TV crap by some braindamaged writers / producers like JJAbrams and his ilk...
    Such a Sci-Fi about the future of the humanity should be encouraging, should be about a better future, not a dystopic future.
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    Ie. the multiverse simulation.
    The real answer is: they (ie. our overlords) are harvesting these myriads of universes, ie. they take the best ideas, sciences, technologies etc. developed in any of those billions of universes for their own world; ie. it's how their economy and society advances. They simply let their AI simulations work for them... A very efficient solution, IMO. I would not do any different... :)

    This also means in some of the simulated universes the society and technology is even more advanced than in the simulator's world, but since the simulators are "harvesting" (ie. copying, stealing) all good ideas and technologies etc., then usually they of course will be in a short time the most advanced world...
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  8. I was just wondering whether there would be a season 3. The first two were a lot of fun.
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