A gift. Thank me after you get rich.

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  2. Memories...

    I was a total tool when I started this thread 11 years ago. Funny thing is, Bear Stearns went down in March, about a month after that last post. Leading up to it I was heavy into silver with my own money and client money (was a broker at the time). Silver rallied hard through January and February... then when the Fed intervened and allowed JPM to absorb BS at $2/share the bottom dropped out of gold/silver bc of the "Fed put" effect and all my positions went to zero. I lost six figures personal cash and 7 figures client cash. Death Threats, the whole 9...

    3 months later I quit the job, gave up on getting rich and walked away a happy man. Had a spiritual experience that night as a result of my ego being completely shattered. Serious, "kundalini awakening" they call it, real life-changing 3rd eye opening shit. Anyway.... I was back in the markets within a few years at a HF. Did ok, but not well enough to raise funds on my own.

    And here we are.... if I had known what risk management was I might have been around to trade the crisis in 08. Instead I blew my wad before she even showed me her tits.

    I was such an egotistical prick back then eh? tsk tsk...
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