A Look Back at Big Price Moves to Review Indicators and Signals. Both Good and Bad. Pitch In.

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    Yes it is a bit annoyance having the ma lagging sometimes. If it is fixed, then it would be probably one of the best in a while
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  2. easymon1


    under the Ugly results column for wrsi would be this fresh finished quick scalp...

    FailureSwing nq 1m.png
    maybe she'll follow through to the down side before any more new highs.
    which would mean a cross of the fifty to the downside and some more follow through downward.
    if that doesn't happen, then this will go in the lucky to get out with a profit pile, coulda been worse.
    Exited on doji uncertainty noted in the chart, and the New High, is mos def Not part of the plan, lol. Keep your eyes on your fries. That is.
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  3. easymon1


    from the posted chart just prior to this one,

    i don't know if this is an exception, but it sure is ugly, lol.
    the result of the prior post's situation.
    no follow through down, and then a New High. Trend Changed allright, to Sideways, lol. Ok, but now with the new high, that put the kabosh on the series of a down.
    Got feedback including good ways to trade that afternoon session, post em up yall. bring some charts when you get the urge too. Something you trade already, something you want to try, something from that Tline video of bigalow's (there's a ton of simple trades in there, pick one or two and see what happens. youtu.be/DAv4lj-TA4Q?t=1004 for example. Heck if nothing else, spend an hour or two on a one minute chart trading hammers at s and r and post what you come up with. you might just be surprised.

    FailureSwing nq 1m9.png

    RSI Failure Swing

    Candlestick Signal and a Close Below the T-Line

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  4. easymon1


    b en t-line 9999 gc 10m.png

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  5. .sigma


    Anyone use the RSI but the one that includes volatility?
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  6. maxinger


    Page (31)_20-07-31_17-54-13.png today Nikkei signal.
    do not use any indicators
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  7. easymon1


    today Nikkei signal.
    How was this signal derived ? Thanks
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  8. maxinger


    just visual.
    1. price was going down decisively.

    2. then price retraced (and went up a little).

    3. at end of retracement, price started to go down again
    and that's where we shorted Nikkei.
    for this case, it didn't go down right away.
    it tested resistance 22050 3 times before going down decisively again.

    Nikkei rarely moved during Asian session.
    Nikkei movement on 31 Jul was a rare occasion.

    few hours later, jpy went down very significantly during European session.
    jpy generally does't move at all.

    something big is happening in Japan.
    these are significant events but you wouldn't hear it from the news reporters
    until many days later.
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  9. SunTrader


    During Asian session? When? At all is pretty broad.
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  10. notagain


    4 sma envelope H+L/2, 4 consecutive bars H+L/2 long only NQ
    Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 10.24.35 AM.png
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