A screener refreshed in real time?

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    I am looking if there are a screener refreshed in real time with predefined criteria.

    Reading about Yahoo Finance Market Tracker:
    Screen with Real-Time Data

    In the description:
    Streaming real-time quotes, charts and stock screener

    What a "real time" means?

    1) One possibility - when I manually screen it is returning the results valid for this moment of time.
    2) Or I can set the say 20 screening parameters and it runs and screens instruments according these 20 parameters in real time?

    Are there somebody here in ET using it?
  2. Google screener does 2).
    About 1) I am not sure about update frequency, but I guess so.


  3. Screening in real time for P/E ratios and things like that wont make anything tradable. You could look at trade-ideas or madscan. They are real time technical screener, maybe you can even sceen for fundamental data, I dont know.
    Real time is clear and un clear. Assume it's something like once per second the code runs and look if your parameters trig. But real real time would be tick by tick triggers and I dont think they do that.
  4. TeleChart does real-time screaning. real-time refers to something that is not delayed purposly but what is real for the exchange is not real for you or me. Relativity theory.
  5. tradestation, 1000 symbols in a radarscreen, except it'll lag like fk :D
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    Thanks for responses! Probably the name screener is not right. As I see screener is associated with static, meaning you have to click on it manually. The data coming can be real time but you have to click it manually.

    And no, I don't mean fundamentals. They are not updated so often so it does not matter to be a real time. I mean a price action. It needs a lot of computing power to be in real time for many instruments and many parameters.

    The description for Yahoo screener is rather misleading. You have to click manually to refresh. Nobody using it?

    Probably the name should be a scanner?
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    a lag? how much is the lag? how many symbols are possible without a lag?
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    yes, I had to clarify I was talking about price action. I was thinking when I talk about real time it means price action.

    "madscan" - from other posts here don't has a good reputation.

    tick by tick - yes, but I doubt it would actionable too. the only way to use it if my server is on the exchange. I think minute by minute is good enough.

    " trade-ideas" - it is overwhelming, seems that there is not a system there. moving averages, etc. - this do not works intraday (I doubt they work in longer time span too). I was looking for something fresh and new. don't seem I able to find it - it is always 1,000 indicators meaning nothing.
  10. tick by tick is perfectly doable, even with several dozen instruments simultaneously and an ordinary home connection and with decent pcs. Especially if you confine yourself to price action and straigthforward computations. (Clearly, must use the right tools: do not expect to use excel!) Most indicators are good for "descriptive" purpose only ("prevision of the past"), anyway, and are of no value whatsoever, when it comes to trading.

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