A Trading Game for fun.

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    When bored, play this in simulation mode.
    Try for 100 trades.

    Fearless Gamblers Strategy (Nasdaq Futures ONLY)

    1 contract - 30 minute BAR - 500 tick stop loss + 50 tick profit target
    Used for morning opening. Wait until Bar expands, then at approx 9:35am,
    at the 50% level on 30 minute Bar, place order in ANY direction.
    Expect volatile back and forth price action to hit profit target within
    30 seconds to 2 minutes.
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  2. Hello mikeriley,

    I would love to play this game, but I am already busy guess trading with NQ during that time trying to make some real money.
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    This might help your pursuit. I call it the New Level Reversal.
    In following NQ price action on a 30 minute BAR, almost every
    time NQ makes a new price level on a 30 MINUTE BAR
    (Up or Down) it will REVERSE.

    It usually reverse 70 to 80% of the 30 minute BAR.
    Even if you use another time frame, by also observing a
    30 minute BAR it will help to define possible move potential.

    Another great sequence on the 30 minute BAR.
    Use a CLOCK, and you'll notice in most cases,
    it will not make it's move (up or down) until
    approx 15 minutes after opening of BAR.

    30 minute BAR is a beautiful thing for NQ

    Hope that helps.
    To Your trading Success.
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  4. Hello mikeriley,

    Thank you for your insight on trading the 30 minute bar. I play with the 3 minute bar when I trade manual.

    Do me a big favor please?

    I need your help because you seem to have an idea how I can make alot of money day trading the 30 minute bar, correct? And I want to make ALOT of money trading.

    My goal is: I want to make $1,000,000 within the next 3 years trading from my trading NQ.

    Please provide the following:

    1. Using the NQ instrument, tell me a strategy I can program and back test that you are very confident will make alot of money. Something I can scale up from 1NQ contract to XX-XXX contracts to reach my goal within 3 years.

    2. Your strategy should be IF-THEN statements only. No "maybe", or "possible", or subjective words.

    3. Your strategy should have clear details how to enter and exit the trade. You can add a few exit methods for me to test.

    4. You need to be about 95% certain this strategy will make me money to reach my goal within 3 years.

    You can PM me if you want to be discrete.

    If your strategy pass the back test, I will run it with my own money and in 3 years if the strategy scale up to XX-XXX and make $1,000,000 I will send you about $30,000 or whatever you want.

    Thank you sir.
  5. mikeriley


    Hi SimpleMeLike,

    If you'll look above, you might notice that your
    request and conditions have already been supplied.

    The purpose of playing the above strategy as
    a game in simulation will afford ample testing
    for any prospective trader.

    If diligent, in due time the conscientious trader will
    be amazed beyond reason of future winning ratio,
    which should lead to trading it live.

    If I brag of it's results, most would avoid it.
    Allow your own ambition and P/L
    when playing the game be the judge.

    Let me know of your future results.

    To Your trading success.
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  6. Hello mikeriley,

    Thanks for the input