AAPL affirms multitouch patent. Oh no for GOOG/Samsung/Android!!

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  1. The anonymous challenge to the 'Steve Jobs patent' has backfired:



    As Apple brings this ruling back into their ongoing cases against the Android phone manufacturers, the trouble ahead for GOOG/Samsung/HTC is immeasurable and potentially disastrous.

    The 949 patent is now priceless!!!

    Utterly amazing that the market failed to take notice of this as it added nearly 40 billion to the market cap of GOOG. Perhaps next week will not be as kind to the stock.
  2. spencer


    If this is a "standard essential" patent, won't Apple be forced to license it for a reasonable rate? What else would go wrong for Google if this is what occurs?

    Or will Apple call this a non-standard essential patent?

  3. koolaid


    LMAO..this will not stand in any court of law. Apple is so pathetic these days since Jobs died.
  4. The fact that everyone needs/uses it does not in itself make it an SEP. We shall soon see how aggressive AAPL is in inflicting pain against GOOG and other violators.
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    I get the sense that Apple is a pretty evil company when it comes to intellectual property and patent infringement.
  6. As it was said, and so it shall be done. AAPL + 15, GOOG -5. Could be some serious fireworks in this later today!
  7. android and especially samsung is a blatant copy of ios, how is trying to protect your own intellectual property evil? they even showed the internal memo where samsung took all the ios key features 1 by 1 and copied them into samsung galaxy.

    i mean anyone with eyes can see the design of android is derived from ios. microsoft despite their faults, did actually come up their original design for windows phone and it wasnt bad...just noone bought.
  8. JamesL


    Apple sued Microsoft claiming they violated MAC patents for their Windows implementation in the 80's. Jobs hated Gates for that.

  9. koolaid


    dont speak of what you don't know. gimme a break. If android copied off anyone or should be sued...it would be by Oracle. you just seem like an upset Apple fanboy who's kinda mad that Apple has lost is attraction and luster ever since jobs died. Android is totally killing iOS and everyone knows it. Apple is making the same mistake it made with Windows...by closing out developers and manufacturers...it has made Android into the big success it is today. Same thing happened with Mac vs Windows in the 90s...and we all know how that turned out. History tends to repeat itself.
  10. i am an apple fan boy because my iphone just works.

    android is a copy of iOS - the icons layout, the concept of apps, the marketplace, multi gesture touch screens, you name it they copied it. The difference is its execution is shit and can barely keep the bloated os from choking on itself with thousands of fragmented implementations by each manufacturer, with no standard, no upgradeability, and no uniformity between os and apps.

    mac and window history has nothing to do with what is being discussed (and window did copy lisa + macintosh ). Android's use of open java api is also not what is being discussed.

    The discussion is on the design, anyone with half a brain can see android copied directly from iOS to get the first few versions out.

    Maybe you should take your own advise and not speak of what you are clueless about.
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