AAPL: Buying the Dips!

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  1. I like that kind of talk. :D

    New iPad Mini coming soon, and maybe next year we'll finally get iTV.
    Some say Steve Jobs planned out the next 10 years for them before he passed away....
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  2. Its a money machine.... I'd rather be the loser that follows the trend near the top rather then short and call a top on aapl of all companies
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  3. You do not have to plat short. But,I would not expect it make another 60% up in the next 9 month as it was done in the past 9 months.

    Last correction in May 2012 was 20% down. How far down it will go during the next correction? This stock becomes volatile, which means investors become nervous. They sit on the profit but they did not cash it yet... I think more volatility is coming as more investors going to fix the profit and wait for a correction to buy dip again...
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  4. What we're talking about is the next Higher Low in the uptrend.
    It has to be above the last Higher Low of 519.95 to work with this chart.
    If we average the last 2 pullbacks (-14.85% and -18.92%) we get -16.89%.
    Assuming that happens now (it may not, this could just be a small dip like in July) we get: 705.07 (-16.89%) = 585.98.
    That works as a new Higher Low.
    If next we take the smaller of the last 2 rallies (the first one was kind of big!) and add it to that new Higher Low we get: 585.98 (+35.60%) = 794.59!!
    That works for me!
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  5. my 640/630 puts seems printed 5/6 fold gain. I just unloaded some, and get to the bank, ding ding, hard work paid off.

    bought some 585/600 puts. I doubt whether 600 hold or not this week. I kind of think the bottom is at 530~540 (temperary), after earning, AAPL may drop to 400ish.

    bought some QQQ 68/67.5 puts to reduce some risks. AAPL is a major part of QQQ.

    those things run up quick, they drop faster than they go up

    MACD divergence is reliable.
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    Thought the news on the ipad mini would push apple up at least 2% today, but hasnt done anything, guess either they are going to have to release some very positive news on the sale of the iphone5 or get an upgrade soon because at the rate apple is falling looks like sub $600 levels are going to come shortly.
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  8. Good trading. Congrats on your profits! :cool:

    I've been sticking to my long term plan:
    Sold some more April 700/695 Bull Put Spreads, at AAPL 642.37 & 639.76 for good Credits.
    This translates into giving AAPL seven months to go back up 60 points, for a profit of 180%.
    We'll see what happens.
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  9. That was my point for cdcaveman:
    "Its a money machine.... I'd rather be the loser that follows the trend near the top rather then short and call a top on aapl of all companies"

    Why to buy now if there is the possibility to buy lower
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    AAPL 200-Day Moving Average: 612.33
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