AAPL Watch -- $1100 Prediction

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by the1, May 28, 2012.

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    When people get super bullish after a stock has had a great run it tends to suggest the stock is at/near a top. Time will tell with Apple but you gotta love that new iPhone. It's just a matter of time before competition erodes the competitive advantage Apple currently has. Widgets are usually easy to copy. So begins the "Apple Watch." For some reason the embedded code won't work so the link will have to do.


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  2. That's only a doubling. Not sure that qualifies as "super bullish".
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    After the stock advanced from $100 to $650 and then expected to advance to $1100 is a pretty bullish prediction.
  4. For the most part I would agree except in this case the company consistently delivers. At the same time, it's P/E is far from ridiculous like in many many cases out there.

    I would much rather short something with less than stellar books, place the odds in your favor.

    In my opinion, only chance you'll get to short AAPL and win big is if the actual market develops a bear cycle, in that case there will be so much easier instruments to profit from.

    Bottomline, if I'm bearish, I short something else and just don't long AAPL, it's just too dangerous.
  5. AAPL is a great company with great products and AAPL is "cheap" on valuations !

    But at 525B$ market cap (562$ stock) who is left to buy more AAPL stock ?

    Are there fund managers or hedge funds that have not heard of AAPL ?

    Do you think fund managers/hedge funds/other BIG money managers are going to start allocating more then 2-5% of their funds towards new AAPL purchases ? You think we're going to see hedge funds with 20% of their money in AAPL ?

    Many of the big boys are limited to amount they can put towards one stock .... and for good reason.

    AAPL has made a huge tactical mistake IMO and that is not buying back their own stock for years and years instead of just recently.
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    Apple is trading below the 50 on the dailies but it's looking a bit bullish. The weeklies are definitely in bull mode. If the correction continues will the 50 on the weeklies hold?

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    The weekly

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    The Weekly didn't post. Let's try again.