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  1. $AAPL shows a bearish trend and will short term traders get a rebound here?
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  2. China started badly today. And as we know AAPL always follow China..
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  3. $AAPL closed down 0.56 percent on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, on 69 percent of normal volume. The stock exhibited some range contraction during this trading session as price made an NR7 -- narrowest range of the last seven sessions. AAPL.png
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  4. $AAPL continues to trend higher after last week’s sell off. AAPL is a buy below $112 and a strong buy below $110 going forward
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  5. Lots of stocks down 2-3-4% right now today. This is not solely an "Apple" problem...
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    Apple losing momentum yet again, guess being added to the dow 30 and many on wall street thinking this could be the first Trillion dollar company ever has its downfalls.
    Apple has to sell lots of iphones to keep the hype going, the watch failed so the only big revenue maker for apple is still the iphone, lots of new competition coming into the market, phones that are priced cheaper and do about the same as an iphone. Being that apple has a large market share in China where most of their revenue comes from, up 112% year over year to $13.2 Billion apple has to continue to keep that revenue growing and with Chinas economy weakening, more competition and markets plummeting thats going to get very tough, even the slightest drop in revenue from China and loss of any continued market share could easily send apple down, apple has been on top for many many many years but you have to keep in mind companies do not stay on top forever especially when it comes to technology.
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  7. $AAPL sold off below $112 on Thursday morning. AAPL is a buy below $112 and a strong buy below $110 going forward
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    MORE LIES FROM apple to calm its stock slide.....

    STRONG growth in China, yep, I can't wait to see their quarterly report next quarter....just keep saying everything is strong, we all know its not!

    Apple's Cook on China to Cramer: Seeing strong growth in China through July, August

    Everett Rosenfeld | @Ev_Rosenfeld
    12 Mins AgoBreaking News

    Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to CNBC's Jim Cramer about the company's performance during the recent turmoil.

    "As you know, we don't give mid-quarter updates and we rarely comment on moves in Apple stock," Cook wrote. "But I know your question is on the minds of many investors."

    "I get updates on our performance in China every day, including this morning, and I can tell you that we have continued to experience strong growth for our business in China through July and August. Growth in iPhone activations has actually accelerated over the past few weeks, and we have had the best performance of the year for the App Store in China during the last 2 weeks."

    "Obviously I can't predict the future, but our performance so far this quarter is reassuring. Additionally, I continue to believe that China represents an unprecedented opportunity over the long term as LTE penetration is very low and most importantly the growth of the middle class over the next several years will be huge," Cook added.

    Apple shares traded down more than 5 percent in pre-market trading.
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    • Just remember this headline from August 24th 2015 when they release their next quarterly report, as China stock market sinks and GDP slowly slides down into the low single digits no one if going to buy iphones, especially ones with just a bigger screens and bigger batteries. I think this market is saturated and no innovation has come out in the last 4-5 years....so Mr cook stop trying to calm the markets by offering such a headline today.....The world is slowing and that means iphone sales are going to slow!

      Apple's Cook: Seeing strong China growth
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  10. $AAPL closed down 2.5 percent on Monday, August 24, 2015, on 2.96 times normal volume. The bears made the stock sink to a new 52-week low.
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