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  1. $AAPL closed up 0.6 percent on Tuesday, August 25, 2015, on 1.84 times normal volume.
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  2. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    Could you tell us if you are long or short now? To do the opposite trade.
    Every time you call for a buy, it is a nice sell and vice-versa.
    August the 12th : Apple is bear for you @ 112. Rebound to 116 dollars.
    August the 20th : You consider Apple is a "strong" buy at 110 dollars. Plunge to 92 dollars.
    Same for Tesla and others stocks.

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  3. short
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  4. AAPL closed up 5.74 percent on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, on 1.69 times normal volume.
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  5. $SPY $AMZN $FB $NFLX $STUDY - empirically speaking, do markets usually follow through after a sharp rally like this? Up or down today?
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  6. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    Well, this is not a correct answer.
    You need to know what time frame you are talking about. "Short" means nothing.

    For example, as of today:
    Apple long ST : target 115/120, short MT : target 90/92, short LT : target 60/80.

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  7. $AAPL stock is up above $112 in pre market this morning as the stock market futures soar again. Apple has now rallied from $92-$112 since Monday’s open. With such a massive move higher, I think it’s time to sell AAPL and take profits. I believe we will see a better entry point in the future. Buy Apple below $100 if we see another sell off
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  8. Apple has hired-poached Tesla's best auto engineer, meaning they are going to build a car, and it should be even more revolutionary than Tesla. Plus the new Apple Watch which operates untethered from an iPhone is getting a big push into the fourth quarter and should end up being a huge seller after all.
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  9. $AAPL closed up 2.94 percent on Thursday, August 27, 2015, on 1.44 times normal volume.
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  10. $AAPL is now trading between $110-$112. AAPL is a strong buy below $100 if we see another panic sell off.
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