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  1. Has anyone using Acronis faced the followign situation?

    I have made backup images in 3 different directories on an external disk. Two of them are a disk (c) backup and the other is a My System backup (not that I understand the dufference anyway).

    Suddenly, when I run Acronis, none of the images show on the main screen and of course the option to recover is not also shown. But the images are on the external disk.

    This is the third time this happens. If I backup, it is shown but at soem point it dissappears. By the way, all bakups were validated.

    I have 2011 Home edition.

    Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Is the external HDD USB or eSATA?

    Is it one of those ones that auto-installs software when you plug it in or is it just a dumb HDD with a plug?
  3. It is a WD flash USB disk 250 GB.
  4. I've heard over and over about how backups don't restore and I've never heard of anyone having success with backups.

    The only thing I know that works is a RAID mirror. Rotate drives in and out.
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    No idea why they aren't showing up on your main screen but I see two options, (1) use the browse for backup option, assuming your home screen looks the same as mine its under "More Features" or (2) Just locate the Acronis backup file (xxx.tib) in Windows file explorer and double-click it - Acronis is associated with that file type so it should auto-launch and present the recovery options.

    Really - you've never heard anyone have success with backups? Wow, hard to believe - well I've had success with them many times so there, now you have heard of someone having success.

    Rotating drives in and out of a RAID mirror is an um interesting backup strategy...I've heard of cloning your drive periodically but never using RAID in that way, seems a bit odd if you ask me but whatever floats your boat.
  6. Thanks GTS. You are great help always.

    By the way, I purchased another hard drive (WD 500 MB Black, 3x the old price) and I made a clone using Acronis, no problem. I then switched SATA cables and my system started fine from the new drive.

    I started to think that the optimum backup strategy is to have 1 extra hard drive and 1 flash drive. You clone every 2 weeks. You need two because of extreme probability of getting a crash when you clone. So the procedure is as follows:

    1. Clone new hard disk
    2. Clone flash drive
    3. Repeat

    But the thing is not to leave the new hard drive connected. I disconnect power and SATA cables. There is always extreme probability SATA drive goingand erasing everything. Also, a virus can hit both drives under certai conditions.

    What do you think? Thanks again.
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    Didn't quite follow how the flash drive is being used - you are able to backup your entire hard drive to the flash drive? Anyway it sounds like you have a solid plan.
  8. I use it as a backup clone.
  9. You really think that no one has ever restored a backup? maybe 1 in a million?

  10. Well, seeing its the season of giving. I am here to give you counter-examples.

    I have restored my daughter's pc from acronis backups after a virus took here system partition out.

    I have restored new disks using WD acronis backups.

    Every 6 months I rebuild my system from a clean (fresh) image backup made using Macrium Reflect.
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