Advanced books on technical analysis?

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    Would like to hear your suggestions, especially based on your experience, application of knowledge derived from the books in live trading. Thanks in advance.
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    Scratch out the term "Technical Analysis" and try something that contains "algorithm".

    The math(s) will be exactly the same,
    but without the troublesome methodological baggage. :wtf::confused::banghead: :cool:
  3. This one is half-decent. Not a 'how-to' book. More like an encyclopedia covering various approaches.

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    Are we supposed to see the cover of the book? Your post is blank.
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  5. Yes. I've heard similar complaints from others in private messages. The forum creates an automatic link when I copy and paste from Amazon.

    It looks like this on my end. Trading Systems and Methods by Perry Kaufman.

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    Good choice, this book is a must read.
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    I read trading books not so much for specifics, but rather for well-rounded knowledge... occasionally something gets the juices flowing.

    That said, there is a series of "Simplified" books out there by Clif Droke...

    Technical Analysis Simplified
    Moving Averages Simplified
    Gann Simplified
    Elliot Wave Simplified

    These are all about 20 years old, and available for cheap.

    I've read them all years ago. My exact take away is unknown, but I can hold my own in general conversations and basic analysis using the tools and techniques, although I do not specifically use the titled methods in my day to day trading.

    Happy Reading.
  8. I like it because it's a fairly objective representation of the various forms of TA without any promise of making you rich like so many other TA books. There's also a lot of data and statistics included + some sample code.
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    Seriously? There is book called Moving Averages Simplified?

    WTF. It's a moving average.
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    Yes, but there are dozens of different moving averages.
    And there are also tons of ways to use these indicators: entry signal, exit signal, support level, resistance level, trend cycle analysis, trend confirmation, etc...

    Never underestimate the power of these seemingly "simple" moving averages my friend! :)
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