AET, a harbinger for the health bill

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  1. on the brink of passage of this bogus health bill by obowma,
    the old adage, "the market knows all", comes to play. I have attached a current chart of Aetna, AET, one of the leading health insurance providers. As of Friday's trading, and of the close for the week, this stock is up sharply, and poised for more upside.
    My Question: is AET's price action indicating, that the health bill will fail today?

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    Or ... it may just show what's the expected impact of this bill on the fortunes of AET and alike :)
  3. peelosi has said, that the purpose of obowma care is suffocate and strangle the health insurance providers... and aet and wlp are major providers who would get hurt by this..unless it did not pass... or the market action of these 2 stocks indicate that even tho it will pass, down the road new developments unbeknownst to us will negate this bill...
  4. without a public option this health reform is a bonanza for insurers. that is what the stock is reflecting.
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    It is looking at the expected short term gains through expanding sales. In reality passage guarantees future dissolution of private health insurance. This is a quantum change coming.
    Just think of Obama's statement about" This is health care the American people want." DDDUUUHHHHH
    It is what he wants and is the first step toward a government health care system that is one of his goals.
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    That seems to be the consensus. Possibly the public option will be added before the entire bill goes active in about four years. Certainly adding that option would make it a far better Bill overall. In the meantime, the Health Cartel should do well.
  7. I dont get it....a public option enables the public to choose between private and govt plans.. if this current bill has no public option, then how can this benefit aet and wlp and the rest, if the public is forced to only get insurance with obowma care???
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    obama care means you have to buy it from the private companies, so the private insurers just got 30,000,000 more customers that legally have to buy their product or the consumers pay a fine and if they refuse that they go to jail.

    Pretty sweet deal for them. I live in MA where we have something similar and our premiums have skyrocketed since the state forced everyone to get health insurance or pay a fine.
  9. The U.S Gov't figured out that us healthcare was a ponzi scheme and decided they should put their moneyprinting engine to work.