After how many losses do you decide you are not following your system?

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    Any system that has 50 losses in a row is no system. It is theoretically possible to get 50 in a row with truly random samples which is not the case for a well tested and robust system.
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    If you get 50 losses in a raw on a 50% system.
    Buy a lottery ticket because you’re a lucky guy.

    As it should happen once every
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    The probability of that happening is 1 in a quadrillion, literally
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  5. To me a first principle of the market is that market regimes will change so you first have to be testing for regime change/structural breaks.

    To me any run of 3+ loss needs to be scrutinized that we don't have faulty assumptions in the strategy. All these statistical concepts from ergodic stationary process mentioned above mostly don't apply.

    A 12.5% chance of getting 3 heads in a row on a fair coin flip has basically nothing to do with a trading system. So much complete nonsense statistical ideas online from just not caring about the assumption of an IID process. Samples from a trading system will most likely have some dependency so any run is a much bigger deal than if you assume IID.

    Obviously, the thing above about 50 losses in a row is preposterous. Anyone with half a brain would figure out well before 50 heads in a row that you are almost certainly flipping an unfair coin so assuming IID is stupid.
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  7. after the strategy works less than 50%. calculate always in precentage
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    After two losses in a row - cut your position sizing in half. When you can manage two winning days in a row - go back to your previous position size.

    Works like a charm. Note how my first statement relates to trade size and my second statement relates to daily P&L.

    If your trading system winners versus losers percentage over a protracted period of time is less than random chance (50/50) - scrap it.
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